Question fan speed max out and monitors cut power while playing gmaes

Nov 18, 2022
hi guys so i just upgraded my motherboard and cpu and I was playing mw2 for a day or two just fine and then yesterday after like 2 hours of playing it randomly cuts power to the monitors and the fans sped up to full power for no reason. been doing research for about a day now and ppl are saying it’s the gpu or cpu temps but they seem to be just fine before this all happens and I can’t check when it does since the screens cut off. I believe this might have to be something to do with my psu since it is only 500w. anything helps i’m still kind of new to this stuff. Thanks
(this might be bc my pc requires 439w and i only have a 500w power supply but i’m not sure so if someone could let me know how much extra wattage i need that’d be great as well)

here’s my build:
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