Question Fan Speed Problem

Aug 19, 2018
I Have Problem With My Fan In The BIOS I Set The Fan Speed To Full Speed But In HWiNFO The Fan Just Sit @3500RPM - 3600RPM But My Fan Labeled Run @800RPM-4100RPM
I try To Download SpeedFan Program And I Set Fan Speed To 100% And It Just Goes to 3555RPM @50C Or Lower, But If The Cpu Temp Is Above 70C The Fan Speed Can Go To 4000RPM, As The Cpu Temp Goes To Below 60*C The Fan Can't Go to Above 3600RPM
Some third party software utilities do a poor job of telling you fan speeds or allowing you to change them. Try un-installing those two tools. Then go into BIOS Setup to configure the fan controls as they should be. Now, BISO Setup will show you true fan speeds, but it is pretty impossible to use them when you are really using your system. HOWEVER, the mobo came with a CD of tools and drivers, and I bet that among them you will find a utility specifically for monitoring your mobo performance, including fan speeds and much more, and for adjusting those things. This is software you run under Windows, so you can run it while you are doing normal work and observe your system in real life conditions. This software will tell you the truth.