Question Fan speed revs up and down?


Feb 8, 2018
Some specs to start off,
MSI MEG z390 Ace
Thermaltake Floe Riing 240 - Cooler
i5 9600k
32gb 3200

I've been having an issue where I keep hearing some fans on my pc speed up for a second then slow down. This keeps happening when gaming, over and over. Not all games cause this, i'm playing path of exile currently and i notice it alot. Now at first I thought it was my gpu, but according to MSI afterburner my gpu fan speed is not changing, averages about 71c under load when playing POE. To which the fan curve is set to follow the gpu temp, if its 50c the fan runs at 50% and so on. There is 5 case fans, 2 on the front and 1 on the back, which i run at 100% all the time. They are RGB and seem to not work right if they are running slower. That leaves the 2 fans attached to the cpu water cooling unit.

When i built the computer 1yr 1/2 ago, the cooler pump made a clicking noise. Read that if the pump not running at max speed it would cause this, so I set it to 100% and that problem is gone. I have been messing around in the EFI bios and set the fan speeds to max, turned the smart curve off. Also set it from Auto to DC, PWM was another option but from what I read thats for fans that have a 4pin connector, which these do not.

Has anyone else had to deal with this, any advice on something in the EFI I can set. I tried a couple programs to try and force those fans to stay at a higher speed , but none of them seemed to work.