Question Fan speed won't go below 59%

Jan 9, 2020
I just assembled a new pc and am having a fan issue with the graphics card.

Windows 10
MB Gigabyte B450 pro wifi
CPU 2600x
gigabyte geforce gtx 1650 super 4gb (non windforce)

The system is at idle, and the temp for the graphics card is 24C. However, the fan is spinning at 59%. It will drop (to what I presume is 30%) when I'm in the startup bios. but as soon as windows loads, it goes up to 59%. Aorus Engine shows the fan speed curve should have the fan spinning at 30% at this temperature. Any adjustments will not lower the fan speed, but I can increase the fan speed. MSI afterburner shows 59% fan speed as the lowest possible speed that can be set manually.

At 59%, the fan is REALLY LOUD. Obnoxiously loud, especially for an idling PC.

I also currently have the computer on my bench and not in a case. Might that make a difference?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.