Fan spliting on X299E-ITX/AC

Nov 19, 2018
Good evening people!

I'm trying to figure out if I can connect properly 4 fans into 2 available slots on a high end mini ITX mobo for this project I'm working at.

I've previously read that I have to respect the amount of energy flow that the motherboard slot can sustain compared to the ones that the fans will absorb, otherwise I could damage my mobo and cables, and since it is my first time using a splitter on an expensive MoBo I wanto to get it right and came here for some help/advices.

The MoBo is a X299E-ITX/AC that comes with these slots:
1x cpu fan @ 1A - 12W
1x water pump @ 1.5A - 18W (currently in use by a water pump)
1x Chassis Fan (no specs given, can anyone help me finding some?)

I have 2x Noctua NA-SYC1, PWM fan Y cable splitter

The four fans that I'm working with are:
+2x case fan Noctua NF-A14 3000
Max. Input Power 6,6 W
Max. Input Current 0,55 A
Voltage 12 V
+1x radiator fan Phantek PH-F140MP
Input Power 2.4 W
Input Current 0.2 A
Rate Voltage DC 12V
+1x radiator fan DeepCool CF 120mm
Input Power 1.44W
Input Current 0.12A
Rate Voltage 12VDC

I'm currently thinking to connect 4 on 2 available slots in the following way:
-The two identical Noctua fans to the Chassis Fan slot ... even tho I can't find any specs about that slot online and AsRock hasn't answered me yet (or should I wait/test it otherwise?)
-The two remaining different fans to the CPU Fan slot, using the PWM info terminal on the smaller and weaker 120mm fan rather than on the 140mm one, thinking that doing the opposite could stress the smaller fan.

I already own all the mentioned hardware and I have a limited working evnironment (small volume inaccessible space for a small volume custom case) so I could eventually change or buy some extra stuff but these are pretty good for my needs.
I have enough space for a small fan controller but I won't be able to access it, so that's why thought going for the MoBo slots to have the bios control everything according to the temperatures.

Thanks for the reading patience, I hope to come back in a week and harvest some info, tips and considerations (=
Nov 19, 2018
AsRock has answered, I’ll write it down hoping that someone like me will be able to find it online:
“The Chassis Fan Connector supports maximum 1.5A fan power.
All the best,
ASRock TSD“.

So, CHA_FAN1 does 1.5A! (;