Question Fan stops working after reboot or sleep ?

Mar 18, 2022
I just finished building my system like 3 weeks ago.for first 2 weeks there was no problem but after some outage of electricty in my building this started to happen recently.
Whenever i reboot or sleep the pc my cpu fan stops working. So what i did till now.(i only have cpu fan by the way) the rest of coolers are not connected to mobo and they are working at full speed).

There was no crash or any problem till now system is working completely fine except the cpu cooler

I put the curve on 100% and full speed in bios and it didn't help.
So i disabled the xmp profile of the ram and it helped the cpu cooler to start after reboot or sleep but i can not control the speed of my cpu fan anymore and it's not working with fastest rpm..the fastest rpm for my cpu cooler is around 1800 rpm and after turning off xmp it works now on 300 rpm max no matter what i do..changing it to standard and then going back to full speed makes the cpu fan to stop working again.

I have this condition also.My apartment is not grounded and i am living in 9th floor so no way to ground my equipment at all.
I think that there might be some voltage issues in motherboard.

System specs
Motherboard: prime h610m-e d4
Cpu : Intel 12600k
Ram : kingston 3200 mhz
Cpu cooler : arctic i35
Psu: chieftec polaris pps-750fc