[SOLVED] Fan upgrade worth it for GPU only watercool loop?


Jun 14, 2020

My current setup is a GPU only loop (3080ti FE with ekwb special edition wb) and a single 360mm Corsair xr5 (30mm) radiator. I am currently using my old case fans (thermaltake 120 ttplus rgb x6) in a push pull as intake on the bottom of my case (o11 dynamic). My idle temps are around 25 and in game I get to 58-61 with the pump at 60-70%. I was thinking about replacing the fans with noctua or Ek Vardar (6 In the same push pull style) but wanted to get opinions if you all feel this would have decent thermal benefit.

Thank you!
You only get thermal benefit if the new fans have more airflow or static pressure through the cooler, so you will have to compare those numbers on the specific fans you are looking at.
Your temps are fine.