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Question Fan won't start EVGA CLC 120


Sep 7, 2018
Hi guys,

I just noticed a very weird issue. The fan connected to my EVGA CPU Cooler won't start. It also won't show in Evga Flow Control.
What's weird is that, when it first happened, I was able to manually start the fan and it would work good. Until I'd try to tweak it through Flow Control and if I would lower it just a little, the fan would shut off again until I manually started it again. Since I uninstalled and reinstalled EVGA Flow Control, the fan hasn't been starting manually neither.
Things I already did;
Uninstall and reinstall
Update all drivers
Play with all settings in Flow Control
Switch cables on MOBO (Tried connecting it to AIO Pump but would get an cpu fan error in bios)
In my bios, setting Q-control everything to PMW & to max (I tried both manually as well as the turbo preset)

Nothing has worked, and without the fan working, my CPU keeps heating up. With the fan working I was averaging around 50-55 degrees Celsius while gaming. Without it working, it reaches up to 100 degrees Celsius.

I've seen several other threads online but didn't see the problem solved. I hope someone has a suggestion for me to try.

Mobo: Rog Strix b360-H
CPU: i7 8700
GPU: RTX 2070 MSI Armor 8G OC
RAM: HyperX Fury ddr4 (2x4 GB 2400MHz, 2x4GB 2666Mhz)
Cooling: EVGA Closed Loop Cooler 120