Question Fans and Lights but no Boot

Jan 7, 2022
I’ve had my same pc build running perfectly fine for a very long time now, but after some recent travel I got a new case to replace my old beat up one. After reinstalling everything into the new case I haven’t been able to get it to properly boot, only fans spinning (including cpu fan) and case lights on. I’ve taken out and reseated every ram stick, cpu, gpu, psu, and the mobo itself, making sure that I wasn’t missing any screws, cables, etc. I know that I’m getting power to the gpu and hdd’s because of lights and sound, but I have no video output and my keyboard and mouse lights don’t stay on which would indicate it had booted correctly. Any suggestions?
CPU: amd Ryzen 5 3600
GPU: Rx 590 fatboy
Mobo: ASROCK AB350M pro4
Ram: 1 stick HyperX 8gb 2 sticks Ballistix 4gb
PSU: Seasonic Model SS-520GM 520W 80plus bronze
Memory: 1 128gb m.2 ssd (boot) 1 500gb m.2 ssd and 2 old hdd’s