Question Fans are not starting automatically on new laptop ?

May 4, 2022
Hi everyone,

So yesterday I got my new laptop, an Asus FX506HM. It came without Windows, so I installed Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. Everything was fine, until the laptop shut itself down after about an hour, maybe two. I noticed that the laptop was extremely hot, and that it shut down because of that. After investigating I discovered that both fans are not spinning at all, armoury crate and myAsus display a speed of 0 rpm. I'm sure that the fans did work at the beginning, I think I heard them, and the laptop would have overheated much earlier if they did not.

So now the fans are not working at all, and the laptop would rather overheat than start cooling. The myASUS app has a fan diagnostic tool which I tried, and for some reason the fans started spinning, both of them. Apparantly the fans are mechanically ok, and the laptop is also able to control them. They just don't start working by themselves.

Any suggestions how I could fix this? Where could the problem be? I have updated all drivers that I know of, bios version is 312. I don't know how the fans are controlled normally, my experience with computers is rather limited. I know that I probably should return the device, but I bought it in another country and took it with me, so that would be quite an effort. So I would rather try to fix it myself.

Thank you.