Question Fans continue to run after shutdown ?

Jul 7, 2021

I was just given a old HP Pavillion p6-2200ea desktop PC to try to fix and possibly upgrade, I've been told it has a habit of shutting down at random which I can confirm that fault, despite it only happening once during the 4 or so hours it was running. That's not the issue I'm writing about but it could be related. The issue is, after I shutdown Windows the fans will rev up to max speed until I switch the PSU off, once I turn the PSU back on the fans spin back to life running at normal speed, the system fan, cpu fan, psu fan and gpu fan will all start spinning again and the DVD drive can also be opened. I was told by the previous owner that the power supply has been replaced previously after the old one blew up and there is also a GPU that wasn't in there from factory. I'm wondering if this is possibly a power supply issue considering the random restart (no BSOD or any error code found in event logs)

There appears to be no setting in bios to change the fan settings (though it's slightly odd under the thermal tab the fans are only running at 22rpm according to the bios) and there is no fast startup setting on Windows 7

It doesn't appear to be Windows causing the issue since I disconnected the drive incase Windows was somehow interfering and it continued spinning

If anyone has any other suggestions to fix this please let me know


Generic HP motherboard
AMD E2-3200
4gb DDR3 RAM
Asus GT 640

Unknown PSU

Running Windows 7 Home Premium


Win 11 Master
does bios allow you to reset it to defaults?
Often fans running after shutdown means a signal sent from windows to the bios isn't being followed. Resetting BIOS can help fix that.
installing the newest chipset drivers for board could fix that.
the ones here under Driver-original might help, or just use its auto service and see what drivers it suggests