Question Fans keep spinning fast and slow erratically when set to turbo on ASUS ROG mobo ?

Sep 14, 2021
my specs:
i5 11600k
colorful rtx 3070ti vulcan
asus rog z590a gaming wifi
gskill tridentz neo 32gb
lian li o11 dynamic xl
lian li sl120 fans x6
nzxt x73 kraken rgb
samsung 970 evo plus 1tb

my problems:
I just built this PC 1 week ago, and I don't know why the fans wont auto speed up if the temp is higher, so I installed bunch of programs which is LIANLI L-CONNECT, NZXT CAM, ASUS ARMOURY CRATE. ever since then when I set to turbo, if the temp increase a bit, the fans will spins fast then go back to slow, so weird! it's like it won't stay fast, the timing is like 1sec fast then go back to slow, 1 sec fast then go back to slow. I never experience this kind of problem on my old pc.. need help!! is it because I installed too many software to control the fans? now I'm stuck with manually controlling the fan speed, if I play GPU heavy game I manually press full speed on fans.. and if not i manually press standard then it will keep going silent.

also another problem regarding the RGB, seems like everytime I shutdown my PC, there is like 5-10sec delay before all the RGB is off, while the monitor is instantly off. is this normal for RGB PC? this is my first time having full RGB fans and stuff..

another problem when i turn on the PC again, all the RGB is reset to default of each software, like lianli will go back to the settings i set on L-connect, and GPU too.. right now i'm using armoury crate to sync everything and it only works if i already login to my computer. is this normal?

thanks in advance