Question Fans making "whirring/throttling" noise at all temps ?


Jan 10, 2019
Hi so this is going to be hard to explain without a video so I might have to do that. I've been putting off dealing with this.

I installed an EVGA CLC on my CPU 2 yrs ago then left the computer for 2 years just come back 1 month ago. The first thing I noticed was the fans make this horrible loud whirring noise like up down up down in pitch rotating every 1/4 second maybe to 1/20? guessing there anyway it seems to me its because the case fans and the CPU cooler fan are at different frequencies the two sounds combined make this bad sound.

When I change the fan speed on the CLC software the noise frequency goes up or down but doesn't stop.

Can anyone confirm that is possible? Does it seem fixable without buying new case fans, and does it seem fixable by buying new case fans?

Also, just wanted to say I cant figure out how to control the case fans speed at all, tried program called speedfan. It shows no devices.

Is that normal as I read on google you should be able to control case fan speed.

The computer was prebuilt,
intel 7700K 4.2 GHz
nvidia 1080
16 GB ram
evga CLC liquid cooler cant remember what it was named