Question Fans spin, LEDS turn on, but no sign of video - no Display, no BIOS, no beeps


Sep 16, 2013
Tried to load up a game (risk of rain 2) on my desktop and the game caused the computer to immediately shut off. I restarted and tried again, and the second time, it shut off and then wouldn't turn on. The build has been running fine for a week before on basic web browsing and such, and could load up LoL fine.

When I inspected the computer, I noticed it was on, with fans spinning and LEDs on, however there's no display coming from motherboard or GPU.

I'm thinking this could be a pad PSU or motherboard, as clicking the power button on the front does not turn it off, but holding it down for 3 seconds still force shuts it down.

None of the periphreals show any of their RBG, but the mouse still has the red laser on the bottom of it, confirming that it's not booting through BIOS at all.

Curious which component may be failing, unfortunately I do not have another motherboard to test if it's failing.

  • Gigabyte z170x
  • dd4 2 x 8GB
  • i5- 6600k
  • Vega 64 Radeon
  • Thermaltake RGB 750 Watt
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