Question Fans spin up for half a second, no display

Jan 2, 2019
So I have an old system lying around. Specs

Intel e5400
Asus p5kpl-am se
2gb ddr2
600w psu

So the fans spin up for half a second then it turns off, no display. I swapped out the Psu with a spare that I guarantee is working but still shows the same symptoms. So the Psu and ram isn't the problem since the ram was working when I tested it. So I'm torn between the cpu and motherboard being faulty. Motherboard light turns on and I replaced the thermal past from the cpu, Northbridge and Southbridge chipsets. Should I buy a replacement motherboard?
Hey there,

Well, the system is approx 10 years old, so it's likely the mobo/cpu has died. Just because the light on the mobo lights up, only means it's being fed power, it does not mean the mobo is working correctly.

I'd prob start there first. Maybe you can pick up a cheap LGA775 socket mobo second hand. Otherwise it's not worth putting any real money to that system.
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