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Question Fans spinning after shutting down. Followed by pc going into boot loop.

Nov 2, 2019
My pc is kind of old, been using it for over 5 years and haven't formatted or updated the os. So I still use windows 7 ultimate. Haven't had a problem so never thought of updating.

Now a couple days ago I moved the pc to a new room. Turned it on and worked fine, but when I shut it down it didn't fully shut down. The monitor showed the shutting down message and went black but the power button on cabinet was still lit and the processor fan was spinning. I had to cut the main power. Next time I turned on the pc the same thing happened. After a few uses it became a little more troublesome, as soon as I turn on the main power the fans started to spin but the PC won't start up automatically, I still had to press the power button to start the pc. Then today when I tried to turn on the pc it went into a boot loop, it shows the gigabyte uefi dual bios screen and rebooted automatically again and again. I can't get into the bios or anything. Any idea what might be causing the problem.

I can provide my hardware details if necessary. Thank you.