[SOLVED] Fans starts for a second and then shut off

Mar 6, 2019
So, okay iam pretty new to building computers and i wanted to upgrade my pc with a new motherboard extra ram a better psu and a new gpu but now when i just install the cpu a ram stick i know that works and psu works as well the fans start spinning and shut off like a second after i am really scared that it is my cpu but yesterday it worked perfectly.

My specs
Cpu:intel i7 4790k
Motherboard:ASUS Q87M-E
Ram:G. Skill F3 – 1600 °C11s-8gnt memory 8 GB
Psu:thermalrake 750W
Gpu: gtx 1070

What i have tried:
I changed my motherboard and ram with a new one.
Ive tried multipile psu.
I also have tried starting the system out of the case with only a ram stick cpu and the psu the psu fan starts but then stops after a second
I also know that all cables are in correctly
I really hope its not my cpu because i dont have the money to buy a new one