Question Fans Turn On After Sleep/Shutdown


Jul 3, 2015
About My Laptop:
I have a Dell Inspiron Gaming laptop, best model # I could find that is alike to mine is the I7567-5650BLK-PUS . Just the 1050 GTX I'm pretty sure, with a Intel i5-7300HQ, and I replaced the hybrid drive with an SSD.
Whenever I put my computer to sleep using the windows button @ the bottom left, my laptop goes to sleep, but the fans are still on. The fans are at full blast too, which is weird, like it goes from normal quiet PC, presses sleep, and it's like "all hands on deck". They will stay on throughout the whole night, and once I press the power button to awake my computer, the fans immediately go back to normal (silent or whatever speed it does when waking up). I tried shutting it down using the windows shutdown, but my PC ---> shuts down ---> sits there off ---> wakes up randomly ---> waits for log in ---> goes back to sleep -----> then annoying fans at full blast starts. The waking up by itself part is a different issue that I never figured out how tf to fix. I tried the administrator shutdown/p command prompt thing (figured out this works to shutdown my PC and keeps it that way), yet the fans are still on (wtf???). So... I tried unplugging my laptop cords from my set-up when it's in the state of fan on with PC off. Ethernet, USB power outlet that powers my keyboard/mouse, headphones USB, headphones speakers are the cords, then the fan stopped. Figured out which cord stops my fan from going full blast as its sleeping (pull the cord after I put it to sleep). After pulling the HDMI cord the fans immediately go off/silent. My question is... what the fuck? My HDMI cord is connected to a HDMI splitter, press a button on the splitter and it switches to another HDMI source (monitor &PS4). It has never done this before. Help me please, and thank you :)