Question Fans working more than the max rpm?


Mar 1, 2018
Hello guys my pc has only one exhaust fan 80mm,i just replace it with a new silent one that it less rpm.My previous fan was working at ~2200 rpm and it was noisy thats why i got a new one.The problem here is that since i have changed the old fan with the new one my cpu fan from max 1800rpm is working at 2200rpm and my new exhaust fan is working at ~1500rpm when it says MAX 1200rpm.I changed the fan to make my pc more silent but it is making the same noise.My temps are fine cpu goes max ~57c and graphics card almost same as cpu(my cpu is fx 4300 and gpu is gtx 1050)


Two points to make.

1. Although we all talk about "fan speed control", the truth is the mobo does NOT try to control for SPEED. It has temperature sensors - one inside the CPU chip, and one on the mobo - and in each case its target is the TEMPERATURE at those sensors, and it will tell the fans to do whatever it takes to keep those temps on target. So, if overall air flow trhough your case is reduced (thus reducing heat removal), the automatic systems will speed up the other fans to improve some air flow and keep the temperatures on their targets.

2. How do you know the fan speeds? What it can show you in BIOS Setup is correct, but you cannot see that when running Widnos. The mobo came with a CD that almost always includes a utility specifically for that mobo to run under Windwos in normal operations and show you things like tempertures and fan speeds. That also will tell you the truth. But if you are using a third-party utility to observe normal operations, SOME of those need proper calibration before you can rely on thier information.