Far Cry 3 Multiplayer experience on PC


Sep 7, 2011
Hi, im willing to buy this game, and i would like to buy it for PC (Graphics)... But I dont know if the experience is good on PC (STEAM)... How many people is playing online??? I could play this game with my rig @1080p High to Ultra res (i´ve seen some videos).... And I have a PS3 as well... Any comment? Should I buy it for PC or PS3? my main goal is MP and some casual SP....

Help plz...

Alex The PC Gamer

Oct 24, 2007
Before recommending a platform for this game, have you seen the reviews for the MP/COOP about this game? It's so-so...and far from being a call of duty or a battlefield game. That being said, if you know this already then...

The platform is up to you...Shooters are usually better on PC. However, because of the coop mode or the option to play with friends in multiplayer, i'd go with whatever you have more friends (PS3 or Steam)? Unfortunately, I doubt this game will be worth the investment of building up your MP as I don't expect the MP portion to be very popular down the road.

...not to say the game will be bad (I'm looking forward to playing the game myself), but I doubt the overall population will be sticking to the MP portion of it...is all.