Fast Dual Core


Oct 17, 2009
Hi there im looking for a recommendation on a fast dual core CPU.
I run this modeling program that is purely based on processor throughput, and it only needs to be a dualcore since the program only uses one core, then i can use my computer on the other core.
Also the program doesnt use CUDA or anything nice like that.

I would assume RAM speed is also involved as the program uses about 2GB of ram.

I want to stay below 200$ for the CPU, less is better though.
Currently, the sandy bridge cpu's are the fastest per clock.

The i3-2130 dual core will run at 3.4,

A bit out of your budget, but considerably stronger might be the 2500K quad core.
It runs stock ar 3.4, but it can be easily overclocked to the 4.0-4.5 range.
Microcenter is currently selling them to walk-ins for $180.

At the end of April, we should see the 3570K, the follow on to the 2500K at a similar price, but 10% faster.