Question Fast Ethernet with everything but buffers only with youtube and netflix


Jul 3, 2020
Hey so I sold my old gaming pc and built a new one and everything has been working great with the ethernet and stuff but i've noticed its only very slow when browsing on the web or going on youtube or netflix. If i unplug the ethernet and use wireless im able to watch at 1080p no issues but when I plug it in I cant even watch 144p for 5 seconds before it buffers. I know its not an issue with the ethernet cable because I tested it on my brothers pc and I tested his cord on mine and it was slow on my computer only. Im thinking it could be a bad port? or just a very slow one. It says 2.5g next to the hole for the ethernet does that mean anything its a rog strix b550-a motherboard. This only happens on my pc not on any other devices. Im getting 17 kbs on youtube with 900 upload and download
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Oct 5, 2020
So I was having the same issues as railedxd was. Out of no where (around the same time as he reported it) my youtube and gmail began to have issues. Youtube buffering and going to lowest quality settings, and gmail randomly taking a while to load stuff, or saying it was offline when I was working in my drive. I had tried a whole bunch of different things with no success until this. Disabling the IPv6 has seemed to have solved the problem. Thanks for the advice.

Now my question is, what are the problems with disabling IPv6 or are there none? Or is there a way to fix that and reenable it? This is way above my head and I'm not really sure what this all does.