Question Fast internet speed on some websites, slow on other websites. Port issue I think?


Oct 10, 2017
Hey guys. Interesting issue I have here; basically I have a 100/10 connection. Until this week it was working perfectly fine but now on certain websites like which use proxies 80 + 8080 I am getting full speeds, when downloading stuff from the browser or using other speedtest websites which use I believe proxy 443 the speed caps itself to 20, I can clearly see it is capping itself there because it is exactly at 20 and kilobyte speeds when downloading stuff off the browsers, when downloading stuff from Steam/UPLAY I am getting the full speed. It's not my router as I tested it with Wi-Fi (where my brother is getting full speeds) and I tested my PC in safe mode which still had the issue. I know for a fact the issue has nothing to do with Wi-Fi outside of my control and is definitely an issue with something being blocked or throttled on my PC to that specific port. Could someone point me in the right direction?
Almost everything uses port 443 which is https. Port 80 is normally used by non encrypted traffic. You really don't want anything running non encrypted over the internet if you don't have to.

Is you use dslreport to test it uses https/443. It generally gets the same speed as but it depends greatly on where you live since speedtest have many many more server locations. It would be more someone with a 500mbps or faster connection might see some difference dslreports for most other people give about the same speeds number. It is not the encryption though it is the capacity of the server that seem to cause the issues.

You have to be very careful about your term. Speedtest always reports numbers in BITS and download is in BYTES. The bit number should be 8 times higher.

Still if you are getting rates in KILO rather than MEGA you have a major issues. I can't think of anything that would limit the traffic like that. Maybe try a different web browser to see if it is different. If you have any of that silly "gamer" network software installed try to disable or uninstall it.