Question Fast on games, slow everything else

Jul 27, 2021
I just got a new PC yesterday and I spent all day today updating it's drivers and getting everything up to date, but it still runs slow when I'm trying to look at file explorer or change settings. But when I play a games on max graphics like ROBLOX or Valheim I get 60+ FPS no problem... It's starting to annoy me...
I also had to go buy a WiFi adapter ( ASUS USB AC53 ) and I get 5 mbps on average with 20 mbps being my highest when I speedtest. ( my most recent one was 2 mbps )
I have a GTX 780 with Ryzen 5 1600 6 core processor, too. Any help works, thanks
I'd first get all the inevitable WIndows updates all out of the check for updates a few times, wait several minutes for download/install (or even longer if only getting 5-10 Mbps), reset when all downloads done and prompted for 'restart now', recheck 'check for updates' a few times in succession until those are done...

Updates in the background can play havoc with a system.

(Does you system have an SSD for the OS?)