Question Faster internet but stuck at 10mb/s (Ethernet connection)

Jul 2, 2021
I have a fast internet connection(100mb/s, on Speedtest. net) but my downloads and everything else are stuck at 10mb/s. All my drivers are updated and i have a good quality ethernet cable. Guys(or girls), help me pls!!!


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You might want to start by specifying how you're tethered to the internet via the Ethernet cable...? Router as your intermediary or a device from ISP to your laptop/desktop? For the latter, check to see what the BIOS version on your motherboard is. You can then check to see what OS version you're on(assuming you're on Windows 10), then reinstall your networking adapter's drivers in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator.
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Be sure you are using the correct terms. Speedtest and most internet rates are in megabits/sec. Most file downloads are in megabytes/sec. Purely by definition there is 8 times difference and many times file downloads do not include the overhead to transfer the data only the data itself.

Speedtest actually is a file download and upload that is not saved so if you really have a difference that is not the bit/byte issue it tends to be some issue with the application doing the download and not a true network problem.