Question Faster RAM speeds (DDR5)?

Jul 6, 2022
First, some backstory. I have a CD player that can render the half second before a track officially starts at 0:00. When I press play.

When this happens, I can hear a footstep, a voice, and/or the click on the recording console. This phenomenon is absent on my DAC (digital to analogue convertor).

Despite making 2 identical copies of a CD and playing the exact same files back using the computer + DAC, this cannot be replicated yet.

My laptop uses 2666 MHz DDR4 RAM (16 GB). Would upgrading to faster RAM open the possibility for this?

I'm using: Jriver
Jriver bit exact dithering
I2s [kernel streaming]: lowest/quickest layer of Windows Audio = best fidelity

Basically what I'm trying to replicate is the speed of a laser in femtoseconds or a handful of attoseconds, but on my laptop. The faster the data can be read and processed, the more accurate the output will be. Although these are not timing differences we can perceive directly, it translates to how the audio output sounds due to any latency in the chain, or any lack of latency.

My other option is getting a DAC with a master clock instead of crystal oscillators.

While I could have asked this question on an audio forum, I didn't because I would have received too many opinionated answers.

Since the Forte here is computers, I decided to ask here. :)