Fastest 2TB/3TB Hard Drive? Want to use for audio samples or faster pr


Jun 10, 2006
Hey. I bought a 2TB drive last year (WD2001FASS), never thought I would use it all up, but apparently it's almost all gone.

I'm looking to buy another hard drive that I can load my audio samples from. I have hundreds of gigabytes of VST libraries (Virtual Instruments), and I mainly want this hard drive to be used for this purpose. They have to be able to be read and then played back through my speakers in almost real time. This drive would also serve as where I install my programs I use, so if it can speed up my program load times, that would be awesome. I was looking at some 2TB and 3TB options, but I don't know what to look for.

I have a Intel SSD X-25M 80GB SSD that my OS is loaded on. I bought it a long time ago. I mainly purchased it for speedy start-menu and program access times. Is it safe to say that there's still no hard drive that can be this ssd's performance?

Thanks guys.
In Short:
Current X-25M SSD: Loads OS (Still a good choice for a quick overall experience?)
Current 2TB WDFASS (Using for videos, data storage)
Future 2TB/3TB Drive (Program Install loc, Audio Samples, Fast Access and Reading)


Sep 21, 2010

Practically? No Magnetic hard drive performance increases over the years at a snail's pace. If your X-25M is still performing satisfactorily to you, there's no reason to replace it. A faster SSD might result in slightly faster startup and load times but is doubtfully worth the expense and hassle of purchasing and installing it then reloading or transferring your OS to it for a tiny increase in speed.
There are other solid-state options coming to market but there are no spinning platter drives that are going to come close to equaling the performance of SSDs other than the very expensive 15,000rpm SAS drives for enterprise servers.