Question Fastest 32GB (2 X 16GB) XMP DDR5 RAM that would work out of box at XMP settings with 13900K in Gear 2

Apr 26, 2022
What would be the fastest DDR5 I can pair with a Core i9 13900K on an Asus ROG Strix Z790-F

Here is the RAM QVL list for the Asus ROG Strix Z790-F

I would like a kit that will be stable and can set XMP out of box and be good to go with stability for RAM. a 2 X 16GB kit. Want it to be able to run without temp issues nor dedicated RAM fan.

Is there a 7200MHz and above realistic for that at CL32 or lower or no??

Reason being 7200MHz should have IMC run at same speed as 3600MHz DDR4 in Gear 1 as or is that not important. Like is there a performance penalty if the IMC runs at 1600MHz to drive DDR5 6400MHz in Gear 2 instead of 1800MHz to drive 3600MHz DDR4?? Of course all else is better but any latency penalty anyways if IMC frequency is slower??

And which ones are A-die as A-die apparently runs a lot cooler though cannot achieve as tight of timings, but does achiever higher clocks??

Are the G.Skill Trident versions at 7200MHz worth it. Or is that a fail on many IMC and even good DDR5 boards like Z790 appears much improved on vs Z690?

The G.Skill trident versions of RAM seem to be the best performing ones that will actually fit ok under an NH-D15S without having to move fan too much up. The Corsair Dominator are way too tall and Team Force are also a bit tall.

Which of G.Skill Trident versions are the best and are some A die and some M die or all one kind of die??

And if 6800MHz or lower is speed to be achieved, could I get CL28 or lower with 6000 to 6400MHz.

What is typical for this stuff??