fastest budget/Motherboard for CPU a8-6600k , with 4 slots of ddr3 available?

Dec 16, 2018
Hello Dear Nerds!
I am trying to add more ram (doing audio only I am quite ok with my cpu), currently I have an amd A86600k with Gygabyte F2a55m-hd2 and 16GB of Ram (2X8GB) so I used already all my slots.

I am considering buyying a new motherboard in order to be able and add an extra 16 gb of ram (from aliexpress is only 37 gpp 16gb so quite cheap).

First question, what would be a motherboard that can fit my cpu without having to change the RAM/CPU? maybe something that I could upgrade with a faster CPU? (although I am aware that amd A8600k is one of the fasteest CPU even compared to more recent CPU/GPU of the A8/A10 range).

Second, do you think it's worth it or should I just upgrade the whole pc in few months?
If I end up sp[ending 100+GBP on motherboard maybe it's just better to buy the whole new cpu/motherboard ram in some time...

Thank you so much!

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