Fastest hard drives set


Oct 8, 2010

I built my first computer last year to be a monster. Off course I did a mistake buying two 600Gb Caviar Blue to run a mirror Raid.
Now even with a Rampage Formula 3, I7 and 12 Gbs ram my computer is slow like hell.
So I am planning to reset it to better speeds.

Actuall set;

2 x 600Gb Blue Raid1 - W7, My Documents, Autocad, 3dMAX, Corel Draw, Itunes and other dozens of small softwares.
1 x 600GB Blue with mainly Music
2 x 1.5T with all my backups, videos, music, pictures, etc.

Planned set;

SSD 128GB - To run W7
500Gbs Velociptor to have all my softares installed.
No Raid - Just files backup on the 1.5 T drives

Would that set work?

If not, what would be the best way to separate W7 from all my softwares and My Documents and still have a fast speed to load them when needed?

Thanks in advance.