Fastest Processor for Tyan Tiger K8W?


Jul 29, 2007
Hey folks, hows it going? New to the Tom's boards here, so bare with me.

I have a client who has a server which is a Tyan Tiger K8W (S2875, I believe), with two 2.0ghz Opterons. They need to upgrade, but want to spend the least amount of money as they can. The application the server is running cant take advantage of multiple cores, it really just needs as much umph as possible. I thought I would just toss in two 3.0ghz Opteron's (2xx series) into their motherboard and be on the way, as thats a big speed upgrade. But I got to looking on Tyan's site, and it shows that the fastest this board "supports" is the 2.4ghz processor.

I sent a e-mail request into Tyan, and the response I got was awful vague. It said the fastest they had tested with that board was the 2.4ghz processor, but that he would "bet" that the 3.0ghz would work fine.

Now, I cant really go to my client and say, Well, we have a hunch this will work. SO, I was hoping someone here in the forum had put a faster Opteron in their Tyan Tiger K8W, and could verify that it worked.

THANKS in Advance!


Jun 5, 2006
the board is spec'd to run them processors, but whilst testing the board they didn't have enough time to test the 3.0ghz variants themselves, i would say that they would support it fine as they use the same voltage, "FSB", core arch ect...


Apr 29, 2006
i have a Tyan dual 2.4 - intel.

if the guy says "bet", i'd be looking for him to bet with real hardware - at his cost.

one possibility is to buy 1 or 2 2.8 2XX

($455 for the 2.6) using your own money. if it doesn't work you return it, minus 15% plus your time.

that and scouring the message boards for K8WE experience. that should yield solid feedback but it could also take 2 weeks.

in the Athlon line, the 3.0's are a big step up power-wise from the 2.8's. like 125 vs. 85 watts. that's why i say the 2.8. (Brisbane, i think.)

hard to keep all the processor city names straight. "Italy", that's the 2.8 2XX, a 290 as it turns out.


May 21, 2005

The chap who says go for a 2.8/290 is talking dual-core Opterons so just ignore him...

I managed to pick up 2x 254 Opterons last Summer for only $130.00 each (with heatsinks - although I am watercooling them) from the US. Check out the company:
they still have some good deals!! With (new) Opteron 256/3.0Ghz at $448.00 and in stock - go for it!!

If the application is really Core bound then why don't they just upgrade one CPU? Do you need to match the CPU's??
2 single-core Opterons should work OK at different core frequencies on a socket 940 motherboard (as the HTT will be matched). Just assign the heavy application to the 256/3.0Ghz Core. Move everything else to the slower core. If it doesn't work just buy another Opteron 256!!