[SOLVED] Fastest SSD for gaming?

Most hopefully know that the faster NVME storage is of no real advantage, save for perhaps launching/loading a level perhaps 1 second faster over a normal SATA spec SSD, but most would hardly call launching a BF1 level in 40 seconds vs 39 seconds a stunning ' turning point' ... :)

Of the 32 player BF1 games on online, I am often the very first into a server, as I'm sure that both a 30 ms ping and 960 EVO storage helps, but, that is of little advantage, as one then waits until all 32 players are connected over the next 20 seconds prior to launching the game anyway...

However, as NVME costs get lower, why wouldn't one choose an NVME solution given the fairly low costs these days.....

1 TB Intel 660P drives for $109? And it seems like only yesterday i was glad to get a 500 GB 960 EVO for $250....; now that same $250 gets you double the storage, and, it's faster...(Good times!)
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Feb 18, 2019
Want games to run faster? -> save money on ssd, buy better graphics....
Almost no gains with fastest ssd drives compared to normal, budget SSD's. That's just a waste of money, unless having "fastest ssd drive for gaming" is the thing that makes YOU feel better, not Your PC :)

TBH, in most games there is not much difference between HDD and SSD, when it comes to gameplay itself. Only when You load something (loading screen to new map or new game) the speed of SSD/HDD matters. In gameplay You won't notice a single fps increase from that most of the time.
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