fastest times through post?


Dec 19, 2017
i work in car audio and have a client that wants a full system in dash. not sure if im going down this road or not but im researching anyway.

what are the fastest booting boards out there? i mean like stupid fast. i remember back in 07 asus had some laptops that you could boot into a linux os that was built into the computer for basic office work stuff. it booted from off to desktop in less than 6 seconds or so.

what boards out there now can do just the raw basics and get to loading the OS the fastest?

im considering an amd g series with the intigrated vega. im open to a pcie nvme to further drop boot times OR a pcie riser card. bottom line is i dont need much space, its going to be either automotive linux, x86 andriod, or windows 8.1. in an ideal world id want boot times from off to desktop to be sub 4 seconds.

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