Question Faulty GPU?

Jul 25, 2020
Hi all,

So I'm having some issues with my pc and it might be the GPU, but it's a 3 months old ASUS RTX 2080 Super OC V2 so I want to be sure before returning it.

I'm going to leave all my specs below.

I had a 1060 and I've never experienced problems, so I finally got some money to upgrade to a 2080 super, I also bought a brand new PSU ( 750 G+ ) and it worked without any problem for a while. After I bought a PCIe wifi card (TP-Link Archer T5E ) and when I first tried to play COD MW sudden blue screen ( I had some issues in the past with the 1060 but I solved it by downgrading Nvidia Drivers so I wasn't worried) but blue screens came back.
I returned the Wifi card and the store told me it was faulty and gave me back my money, I then bought a usb adapter and forgot about it. But Troubles just began, I could play many games and no crashes ( csgo,ark, assetto corsa, and much more ) but Couldnt play COD. I then tried to downgrade Nvidia drivers as it worked in the past, still blue screens. Sometimes after blue screens if I let the windows diagnose the problem my pc wouldn't start again, showing the RAM light on the motherboard, but it starts again after disconecting the PSU. I thought something wasn't right and Updated BIOS, I ERASED ALL my hard drives and installed windows from scartch, Updated Nvidia, Updated Windows, installed all drivers recomended by ASUS so everithing is up to date and still get crashes. For a while I stoped playing COD and everything was running smooth as butter, then fall guys came in, after some days of playing, one morning I woke up and launched fall guys, and when i was ingame, blue screen. I then tried to play CSGO and I had my first blue screen while playing CSGO in 5 years ( afer restarting my PC Steam asked to signup wich is strange bc it never does and when I launched csgo Steam didnt recognize it and asked to download it again even though it was in my desktop and pc hdd, so it installed again. sooooo weird). Then I focused on cheking my hardware. I first did some RAM tests (bc of the motherboard led isuue )but not a single error ( 5+ hours of testing), then I started testing my CPU, turning on and off XMP same results, my CPU is fine. Then I went back to software and cheked windows integrity a couple times, no problems detected or corrected. Everithing seems to be running fine.

I then started testing my GPU, I runed benchmarks and overclock scans with msi afterburner and the GPU looks fine, used OC mode, gaming mode, without overclock, everything seems ok but I still get crashes Blue screen while playing COD. I then installed my old 1060 and I could play without a problem. Then I manually disabled XMP ( MB has a switch) and I could play a couple matches without a problem. Then I wasnt home for 5 days and today I came back home to continue my testings hoping it will be over, but two matches on and blue screen. As long as I don't play COD or Fall guys I can use my PC as nothing is wrong.

Things I've tried:
System Energy Managment
BIOS pci set to gen3 manually
RAM tests
CPU tests
Updated all Drivers and Software ( BIOS, Monitor, SATA, VGA, audio, LAN, Nvidia, Windows...)
Turned off every existing OC
Thermal throttling cheks ( all negative)
Cheked hard drive integrity and stress tests.

I then started monitoring my GPU while playing COD ( the minutes I could before BSoD) and nothing happened befor crash, it just crashes. I do have one question:
As you can see in the image below ( ASUS teak II sensors ) when I run on medium settings the ingame usage of the GPU is stable but when I set high setting weird things tart to happen, the highlighted drops are frequent and if you look closely to the power used % , the drops match perfectly. ( Data between Yellow bars Is ingame, the rest is navigating through menus and swaping to sensors. Also the CPU usage is arround 60 to 70 % so bottleneck issues shouldn't be the problem.
This is the only weird thing I have detected. I just want to know what you think and if the GPU can be the problem. I think it might be, as I had no issues with the 1060, but as the new 2080 is much more powerful and power demanding I don't know if it's enough to be sure.

Thanks for your time and sorry if there are some linguistical aberrations.

My PC:

PSU: EVGA Supernova 750 G+
Motherboard: Asus Prime Z270 - A
Ram: Kingston HyperX Predator DDR4 3000 ( 2x 8 GB )
CPU: intel i7 7700k
GPU: ASUS RTX 2080 Super OC V2
Cooling System: Corsair h100i PRO
Case: Corsair crystal
Monitor: BenQ XL 2430
Hard Drives: 1 SSD, 1 HDD