Faulty Hardware??


Dec 5, 2012
So I am trying to build a RAID with gaming hardware, as that is the only hardware that can achieve the speeds that are desirable to me. I am having a problem that is MOST likely the motherboard. Randomly, i can turn on the computer and get a "no bootable device" message and when taken to the bios the CD Drive and OS Hdd will not be present. However upon restarting the computer it boots perfectly fine into win 7 64 bit pro. Also, the computer will randomly lock up with lines in the display and the only option is to pull the power plug. The system specs are listed below!

250GB wd sata os drive
20 x 2tb re4 wd hdd in front chassis bays
16gb kingston ram
core i7 ivy bridge
asus p9x79
nvidia crap video card
multiple pci-e devices

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! :hello:
I assume the no bootable device problem only happens on a cold startup. It kind of sounds like the power supply indicates a power good signal before it is actually good.
Some power supplies just always return true to the motherboard for this signal in the hopes it will not matter.

if this is the case you might need to delay the boot a few seconds (10)
maybe by turning on a full memory check in your BIOS or something to delay your startup so your drives are up to speed before the system actually tries to use them.