Faulty Hardware??


Dec 5, 2012
Hello, I am building a RAID using gaming hardware because I need speeds that only gaming hardware can put out. The specs are listed below.

Asus p9x79
Kingston 16gb RAM
250GB Sata WD re4 OS drive
20 x 2tb Western Digitial HDD
24port RAID controller
nvidia crap video card
4 other PCI devices

when the pc is turned on it will randomly display no bootable device, and when taken to the bios the cd rom and os hdd will not be detected by the bios, when restarted the computer will boot to windows 7 pro 64bit just fine. When in windows, the computer will randomly freeze with lines in the display and you must force restart.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

The freeze in operation with lines in the display seems to indicate a faulty graphics card .
That could be causing problems if you are waking from a hibernate or standby too

Is the SATA CD drive connected to the raid controller or to the motherboard? It should be direct to the mb

If that doesnt help then I would ask for specialist help from the manufacturer of the RAID controller