Question Faulty HDMI Cord?

Jan 15, 2021
Hi everyone!
Today I was setting up my PC when there was an issue with the graphics card and the HDMI cord.

Originally looking around I thought it was an issue in the BIOS or UFEI in this case, however, that was it. Whenever I plugged in my HDMI cord in the motherboard it worked fine, however, when I plugged in my monitor the graphics card there was an issue. It keet saying there was "No Signal".

I kept trying and trying to reset it, when eventually all I did was wiggle around the cord in the HDMI slot of the graphics card and it worked. However, if my monitor turns off or something of the sort, i then have to wiggle the cord again to get the monitor to turn back on.

I believe this to be an issue with the HDMI cord and not the graphics card but I dont know. I would prefer to not have to wiggle around a cord every time I turn my PC on for it to work. Could anyone help me out with this?

My monitor is ASUS MG28U and the graphics card is an RTX 2070 8GB.