Question Faulty Network Adapter and fixes?


May 16, 2016
Hey everyone!

So I'm troubleshooting for a friend who's having internet issues. Tons of packet loss. Multiple calls to his ISP and techs coming out twice and no one can seem to pinpoint the issue although everyone can see the packet loss.

I'm thinking that maybe his onboard ethernet port or adapter is damaged or faulty... Since money wasn't an option for him he bought an ethernet card without checking...

He's using an ROG STRIX 270e Gaming motherboard that uses an Intel 1219-V adapter. Well, so does the new network adapter he bought. We're trying to get his computer to read the new one but it won't. His network adapter reads as follows in the device settings :

Intel(R) Ethernet Connection (2) I219-V

Note the "(2)". We're wondering if the cards are conflicting and the computer is picking it up as one and the same? Would there be a way to disable the adapter on the mobo to get the computer to ONLY read the new one so that we can test our theory? Otherwise we're at a loss. He can't even play any games anymore it's getting so bad...

Hopefully someone can provide some insight! We're very much looking forward to seeing what this community can give us for advice.


There should only be one network adapter enabled on his computer.

Try running the built in Windows troubleshooters. The troubleshooters may find and fix something.

Failing that, right click the network icon usually located right bottom screen corner.

Select "Open Network & Internet settings".

You will then need to work through the various choices, windows, tabs, and properties to ensure that the enabled network adapter is correctly configured for his network.

Device Manager can also be used in much the same manner. Right click the applicable adapter and you can change its' status (Enable/Disable) and also go into Properties.
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