Question Faulty PSU, need recommendations.


Mar 20, 2016
Hi guys, so today i had my first random PC shutdown and just want to make sure its the PSU's fault.
Current PSU: Corsair CX750 750W 80+ Bronze

So now whenever i turn it on, i can use it for about 1minute before it shuts down and turns on again by itself. Sometimes it even shuts off before it reaches the windows user log in screen. My friend told me it could be a virus, but im more convinced its the psu.

So id like to hear a confirmation from you guys and im also looking for a PSU replacement recommendation.
Im currently running a GTX 1070 ti with an i7-8700k, but im also planning to upgrade my GPU into an RTX 3070.

If it's a sudden power loss, then most likely the PSU is the culprit here. You'll need to test it yourself as I've encountered a similar problem to yours with a dead motherboard too. Just make sure you have the possibility to return the PSU.

As for PSU recommendations, a 650W quality unit should suffice, either of these will do: Seasonic Focus GX/GM, Corsair RMx, Corsair TXM, Superflower Leadex II/III, EVGA SuperNova G2/G3