Question Faulty PSU or faulty graphics card?

Mar 10, 2019
Hey everyone,

My PC I believe is currently 3 years old but I'm not exactly sure how long this probably has been existing (might be a year and a half not sure). Problem is that whenever I play a demanding video game like Devil May Cry 5, my PC crashes and then reboots immediately. I have quite decent temperatures in every component, (except PSU probably which I'll come to that later) have run memtest and stress tested CPU. I play demanding games on high/ultra with no FPS problem, I lower the settings in any case if my PC crashes again but it doesn't seem to help.

In the case of my PSU, I'll already be changing it but I can't really pinpoint if the problem is really caused by the PSU. Fan isn't working, so that's a problem obviously however I'm not really sure if that would make my PC crash and reboot again. I've also run a PSU stress test which it failed so again it seems that the problem is in PSU but I don't know if PSU specific stress-test works independent from GPU stress-test and that's the reason I have my doubts about it. What do you think? Should I test more and see if there's anything wrong with my GPU or is it all PSU?

i5 6402P CPU
R9 390 Graphics Card
Aerocool KCAS 600W
HyperX 8GB x1
Windows 10


Recommended psu for any pc running an R9 390 is a decent 650w. Let me emphasize, decent. Not only is that Aerocool psu underpowered for that system, it's on the list of psus that should be used as boat anchors, paperweights, anything but a psu. It's the entire reason the pc crashes, as soon as the gpu demands power, the psu laughs and runs away.
Replace the psu with a higher quality, 650w psu (not that hard to do, it's that bad a unit).

Power Supply: Corsair - TXM Gold 650 W 80+ Gold Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply ($59.98 @ Newegg)
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