Question Faulty PSU ?

Sep 20, 2021
hi! don't rlly know if this is the right spot to ask, i'm going off what i think is the problem. i built a pc and for a month or so, it was working fine. however recently it's been randomly turning off, then won't start (i turn it on, the fans and rgb turn on for a second then it instantly turns off). if i leave it off for a while (30 ish minutes or more,) it will turn on and work for maybe 10 or 20 minutes then turn off. i didn't touch it for a while because of work and school, so when i finally turned it on it seemed to work normally for a day or two but now the problem's returned. i did the paper clip test and the fan didn't turn on, so i'm pretty sure it is a psu issue i just wanted to come on here and see if it could be anything else or if anyone had any advice. ^^
psu = rmx 850x


i did the paper clip test and the fan didn't turn on, so i'm pretty sure it is a psu issue
Is it most likely PSU issue? Yes.

Can you tell it only with paperclip test? No.

Using the paperclip test is obsolete method since it only turns on the PSU, but it doesn't put any load on the PSU. And PSUs with semi-passive fan (e.g Seasonic PRIME series), the fan doesn't turn until the load on PSU goes higher than 20% of max wattage.

It's like when you turn the car engine on, and just because engine is running, you can't assume that the car is driveable. You actually need to drive with the car, turn the steering wheel, test brakes, look if engine revs up, does it sound normal etc.

psu = rmx 850x
Corsair RM850x is a good quality PSU, still, there are lemons, even among the best. Without 2nd, good quality PSU to test, you can't rule out PSU issue. But i agree, it does point towards PSU issue.

Here, i'd look towards another PSU. And if you don't trust Corsair anymore, look towards Seasonic Focus+ or PRIME series. Same wattage range PSU will do fine.
(Btw, all 3 of my PCs are also powered by Seasonic, full specs with pics in my sig.)