Question Faulty THX Spatial Device could cause Multiple game crash?


Mar 22, 2016
Ive been having an issue with my system for months. Certain games started crashing consistently early during gameplay or on title screens - specifically Minecraft, Fortnite, FF7 Remake, Dinkum, No Mans Sky, CK3 and Halo Infinite and Rocket League. Other games, like rimworld (with tonnes, and tonnes of mods), prison Architect, Stellaris ran fine. IStresss tested the GPU, RAM and CPU, no problems, no crashes, no bad reports. ALL other apps work fine, it just games that crash

The games hang, then shut down. Or simply just CTD. Event viewer didn't show much out of the ordinary - I saw one PhysX error in event viewer after a few weeks of this issue, so I:

  • Removed all AI overclocks via AI Suite 3
  • Reset RAM to "Auto" in Bios (Auto selects lower frequency than it can run at)
  • Reinstalled drivers via DDU
  • Updated BIOS
After this, I retried and had an interrupted gaming session on Halo and Fortnite. In the morning the problem resurfaced with a fresh reboot

So I:

  • Reseated Ram
  • Reseated GPU and power cables
  • Dusted with compressed air
Again...interrupted gaming session, but the problem resurfaced this morning right away on No man's sky.

Stumped, I wondered about my headphones. I have the Razer Kraken Ultimates and had recently bought a new pair as I believed the current pair were failing - i had experienced power loss in the headset and audio popping when moving my head or body sometimes, very occasionally, which I had put down to a faulty wire in the headset.

Playing No mans sky with the headset- with "THX Spatial - Synapse" selected as the speaker. The game crashed. I switched the alternate "Speakers Razer Kraken Ultimate", no crash!!
I tried Fortnite staying on "Speakers Razer Kraken Ultimate" - It crashed immediately upon loading into the main screen - repeatedly. So I plugged in my brand new headphones - it also crashed.

Then I tried unplugging the OLD headphones from the USB BEFORE restarting the system (So it defaulted to my monitor). All Games played fine both through monitor and AFTER i plugged in the headphones during this session. I rebooted with the old heaphones plugged in, had a crash. Have rebooted with new headphones plugged in, and currently no crash....yet

So I'm about to put this down to some weird issue with the old headphones on boot up, but it bugs me about the THX being turned off working on the old headphones on NMS Specifically....and this problem arising again as it totally wouldn't surprise me!!! Are there any audio conflicts I should be looking for? Anybody had an issue like this vefore? Could it maybe be a power supply (Causing loss of power to headphones) that specifcally causes games to CTD? or a bootup issue? If it crashes again what should I be looking just stumped as to how this infuriating issue could be a faulty headphone alone...

Sorry edit - just to add the only consistent was between the two troubleshooting steps i had unplugged the peripherals including the headphones....hence why i thin ki managed gaming sessions and couldnt upon next morning bootup

i7-10700K CPU @ 3.80GHz,
2080 Super VENTUS XS OC
Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4 3200 MHz (Bios runs it at 2132mhz when set to auto)
Corsair Hydro 100i RGB Platinum
750W Corsair RM750i PSU
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