Fax console not showing faxes



I had originally posted this in the windows xp section, but i think the issue is network, so am posting here. I couldn't figure out how to move the topic to this forum. I have fax server running on sever 2003. It was working ok, but i had the bright idea of having a server that would handle all of the office telecommunications/voicemail/email etc. I uninstalled fax server on the server computer, and tried to get the telecommunications server to work, but unfortunately it wasn't working properly and requires significant more tweaking. I reinstalled fax services on the original server, and works fine on the server, but now the fax console on all of the workstations don't show the received or sent faxes. All the workstations use windows xp, and some are terminals. I can't figure out what the issue is, cause it was working fine before, and i reset it up exactly the same way as before. I can send faxes with no problem from any of the stations.


Oct 1, 2008
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Never used a fax server. So take my answer with a bit of salt.

Since you can send faxes after server has been re-installed, the network is not likely the cause.

Here is how I will think:
After fax server reinstall and you sent a fax from XP box, does that fax show up in fax console?

If it doesn't, I don't know. Check any config/misconfig. Check return traffic/fax console traffic in the network; your sent traffic works fine.

If it does, then your fax server is using new location/database that is empty since you re-install the server. You need to configure the fax server so that it points to the old location where old faxes are kept. Hopefully, you save those old faxes.