Fax with MagicJack VOIP versus Uverse VOIP


Oct 26, 2012
What are the technical issues with getting Magic Jack Plus to work with Fax? Fax works with Uverse VOIP and is rumored with Magic Jack Plus when the device is plugged into a windows PC running a MJ application.

Here are the interfaces:

Uverse VOIP - FAX works:


MagicJackPlus - FAX Fails:


MagicJackPlus- FAX Rumored to work:


Here are the Uverse router settings for Uverse VOIP:

Name <ip_address>
Connection Type Phoneline (HomePNA)
IP Address <ip_address>
IP Address Allocation DHCP
IP Address Type Private (NAT)
Hardware Address <mac address>
Status On

I suspect that the phone adapter function in the Uverse router is injecting a POTS signal consistent with the FAX protocol specification while waiting to receive the next VOIP packet from the remote endpoint. In the USB configuration of MagicJack Plus, I wonder what the MagicJack application running on windows is doing. I would think the function of the windows application would be rather minimal, that the USB interface is packet based, and that the phone adapter function is retained by MagicJack phone adapter. But that being the case, maybe their are network parameters that can be set inside the Uverse router.

I wonder if MagicJack endpoint identifier can be ascertained using a protocol analyzer or are encryption techniques used. Then I suppose the endpoint identifier could be programmed into an off the self phone adapter and MagicJack would never know the difference (or care?).

Thoughts on how to make MagicJack work with FAX?