FCC Commissioner Pai Discusses 5G Mobile Networks

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Feb 24, 2011
5G could be between 10-50Mbps?

I've received 100Mbps from 4G in Australia. By far the fastest internet I've experienced in Australia and it was wireless. Then go home to my 15/0.8 Mbps ADSL and cry.
I can't take anything Ajit Pai says seriously. Dude vigorously opposed net neutrality and his biggest campaign contributors are Verizon and Comcast. I'm sure he'll land a cushy job after being commissioner working for a telecom company.

Some of what Commissioner Pai said was a little unclear, but taking the document as a whole, I think what he was trying to say is that 5G is kinda limited to that range at the moment, so development of the standard is locked into that. He talked about the band spectrum more than anything else, and that does have a crucial effect on bandwidth. You have probably noticed in WiFi devices using 5 GHz 802.11 standards are capable of significantly greater bandwidth than the ones locked down to 2.4 GHz.

That is certainly true, he actually makes a strong jab at net neutrality in this, but felt it would have pulled attention away from the real topic of the article to go into it. Either way, just because he does some things we may not approve of, there is still the potential for him to push for beneficial changes to our networks. He seems to be pushing fairly hard for a 5G mobile network with significantly greater performance and coverage here, and I can't see any issues with that.


Aug 19, 2007
Rural areas may never get to take advantage of 5G with the higher spectrums and their shorter ranges. It's highly doubtful carriers will invest in large numbers of transmitters to cover areas serving low numbers of customers. Wireless internet is the only hope for rural regions due to the unwillingness of ISPs to invest anywhere other than high population density areas where profits are highest. It means 20%+ of the US population is left with no or essentially ineffective internet. It's unfortunate that 5G doesn't also include long range high coverage abilities.


Nov 13, 2013
What is the point of 4G and 5g tech or even 3G if all the networks that use it only allow you to download a very small amount of gbs then you are out of internet, as its there is no point in having this tech for mobile networks if you have a very limited access to data as far as i remember its about 7gb or 8gb at best in the US if you ask me its better just to find a provider that can give you a conection of 50mbps or 100mbps or maybe 1000gbps if you are lucky wireless is pointeless since i dunno any provider that gives unlimited data transfer over its network also its pretty costly for the 7gb or so they give
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