Feasibility of DIY Triple Screen Monitor from Laptop LCD's

Blazer Orb

Jan 5, 2014
TL;DR: I have three non-matching but same size and resolution laptop lcd's. Can I build them into a single three panel monitor in the same way you can do a single panel one?
What are the problems I'm looking at and how might I fix them?

So it's about time to go back to school, and this time I'm taking my desktop with me, so I'm in need of a display. While shopping classifieds for used displays suitable for my reference 980, I remembered the pile of laptops I was given by a closing repair shop. A bit of model number finding, tape measuring, and googling later, I have three different laptops with 17", WXGA+, CCFL LCD's. I've seen single panels turned into monitors, but can I put these together to make a triple screen monitor in the same fashion? I was thinking portrait, putting the side panels on hinges to allow it to surround.

The panels are still in the laptops right now, so I'm not certain of their part numbers, but if this idea hasn't been shot down by the time I get home then I'll pull them out. The laptops are:
-HP Pavillion, S. Tag dv9743cl
--Acer Aspire 7720-6416, ICK70
Gateway PA6A, specific model unkown, but all using the PA6A chassis seem to use the same panel.

Problems I've been able to think of:

The refrerence 980 has 1 HDMI, 1 DVI, and 3 DP. I haven't been able to find a suitable controller board with DP, so I might be using converters. If different controller boards and different converter setups are used for each panel, could relative latency be an issue?

Since the panels aren't identical, could there be differences in colour production too big for my low student standards?

Thanks for any insights you can provide.


Mar 16, 2013
Is it 'possible'? Probably.

Will you spend more money and brainpower over just going to the pawnshop or craigslist and buying a couple of used monitors? Yes.
At my local craigslist, I see about a dozen 15-21" monitors for $30 or less.
Yes you can turn a laptop screen into a standard monitor.
It wont be pretty, you wont have a stand or any good form of mounting, the converter boards are not cheap, and then you also need a power supply.

End of the day, unless you not only have 3 free laptop screens, but also have access to fabrication tools and materials (like metal shop and/or 3d printer) then the cost will be more then just buying 3 monitors.
Except the 3 monitors will look much nicer, be consistant in display capability, and be larger than 15.6" and probably larger resolution as well.