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Jul 17, 2013

I'm looking for a new feature phone (i.e. old school cell with a 0-9 keypad). I need something that would have been standard 10 years ago, but these days I can't find one that would be suitable.

  • decent build quality
  • candybar (not a flip or slider)
  • weight not much more than 100g
  • 5+ days standby time
  • fully featured Bluetooth (audio, stereo audio, sending PIM - contacts, calendar entries, files etc.)
  • phonebook with unlimited contacts, multiple entries/numbers per contact
  • call log that goes back a couple of months
  • quad-band 2G GSM and 3G
  • micro USB port (or USB-C) with charging
  • 3.5mm audio jack (stereo+mic)
  • vibration
  • ability to select custom ringtones for calls, messages, alarms
  • TFT display, 2.2" or bigger, 320*240 or better
  • camera 2MP+ with AF
  • English T9
Nice to have:
  • Java apps support
  • dual SIM support
  • no camera is preferred to a crappy camera
I've been using Sony Ericsson phones for over 15 years now, my last ones were K750i, C702, Elm and M600i, so this is the level of quality I'm looking for.

Are there any recent phones that meet these requirements or do I need to shop for refurbished again?

Notes about some phones I was looking into:
  • Nokias such as 3310 and 230 usually have crippled phonebook or call log
  • Nokia 8110 seems to be good software-wise but its slider form is unwieldy
  • many Chinese phones don't allow to select custom ringtones for messages and alarms, or even for calls
  • Xiaomi Qin doesn't have a vibrator or headphone jack and is heavy
  • most feature phones have crappy 0.3 Mpx cameras
  • Samsung Metro phones aren't generally available outside India
  • good old stock phones are getting gruadually more expensive
Well, maybe I've missed some random phone somewhere that has everything?


I don't think any such phone exists.

3G in feature phones is highly unlikely! They'll be limited to 2G and bt 2.1

If you want something extremely long lasting, get Nokia 3310.. It stand bys not for 5 but 30 days. There's also a 2-sim variant that could be useful for you.

Though it doesn't have a front cam but it's available in Nokia 216 which actually retails at a lower price and has a more familiar design. (It's better than Nokia 3310)
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Jul 17, 2013
I don't think any such phone exists.

3G in feature phones is highly unlikely! They'll be limited to 2G and bt 2.1
3G keypad phones exist, there's a few of them on sites such Gearbest but I don't know how good they are.
The problem with many 'modern' feature phones is that they are very limited when it comes to phonebook and/or customizability. Usually limited to 100 to 200 phone numbers with just 1 or 2 numbers for each, sometimes a strict character limit for the name and such. That's also the case of Nokias 3310 and 230 that I've tried. I've heard only the 8110 is less limited but it's unwieldy. 3310 4G supposedly also but it's not readily available.