Feels lagging.. bottleneak? help...


Dec 11, 2009
I would like to ask.. does C2D E7500 2.93mhz can support recent game like Mass Effect2, star wars and dark void...
i'm using a

4Gb ram
win7 64bit

i do not OC.. coz i don't know how to.. so all in stock speed...

i don't know what else i need to list for info..

using 22inch lcd

when i play
MW2 1600x1050 graphic all at max CPU running at ~100% working fine
SF4 1600x1050 graphic all at max CPU running at ~98% working fine

stars wars 1600x1050 at max.. i got lagging when in a wide area where many need to process i think...
when i lower down to 1280x800 it still lag sometimes CPU running at ~100%

Dark void i will have a voice eco and lag (but that time it was loading in the game)after the plane crash and just before they saw a cyborg... i try the worst graphic 640x480 worst graphic.. still the same.. lag and voice eco at that time.. so i think it is not the GPU problem... CPU running at ~100%

recently Mass Effect 2 when i push to the max.. it lag... using 1280x800 now.. still lag when i turn around very fast sometimes... i didn't try lower the graphic anymore.. because it makes me feel sad... CPU running at ~100%

or settings problem?