Few noob questions about SSDs and HDDs


Mar 24, 2012
Hey guys,
I just bought a 60gb SSD for my OS nd maybe one game, Diablo 3 I also bought a 500gb seagate for data. I did read these tweaks for the SSD ( http://www.computing.net/howtos/show/solid-state-drive-ssd-tweaks-for-windows-7/552.html ).

Here are my questions:
Are the above tweaks all that should be done to the SSD? If not any more?

Can I use something like Ccleaner to clean the SSD, or is there another cleaner to use? Ive never had two HDDs/SSDs before. Say I do run Ccleaner, how does it know to run it on the SSD or the HDD I have hooked up?

How do I set the SSD to ACHI in the BIOS? Im building a new PC, so I'll be starting fresh.



You probably will have to use something like that to keep the SSD running smooth. As far as ccleaner, I think you'll be fine, as Windows will be installed on the SSD, therefore most temp files, log files, updates and what not will reside on the SSD. As for setting the SSD to AHCI, when you look in the bios settings, there should be a place that will give you an option, your motherboard's manual will likely have the information.


I think the main thing like we said on the other thread, make sure you aren't defragging the SSD. Format the other drives as you install though, if Windows finds them, you should be good. But the other thing, when you want to install to them, just remember that you will need to change the drive letter. So if you are installing a game and it tells you "install to c:/programfiles/whatyouwanttoinstall/" and gives you a choice, you will need to change the installation path and make the letter c at the beginning the letter of whatever drive you want to install to so that the SSD does not become full.