Question Few questions about cooling to my case/cpu..

Aug 7, 2019
Hey everyone I rly need some help...
This is my new build as well as my first build I've ever done

Some details:

Ryzen 7 3700x CPU
Asrock steel legend ax x570 mobo
Nzxt h700i case
Stock wraith cooler that came with ryzen 7

Im pretty sure I have really high temps right now

In UEFI it was about 62 degrees Celsius
In the CAM software it was 58-60 degrees Celsius

What could be some issues? I put the thermal paste on myself and thinned it out across the CPU after scraping off all I could of the stock thermal paste..

The fan was like really hard to clip down so maybe it moved a bit? Would too much thermal paste cause this? Or uneven placement of the fan? Couldn't of been too far off though...

Also, can someone recommend me a better cooler to use? I THINK my case has a mobo cutout in the first I was worried about having to take everything back out lol

I dont plan to overclock, this is a music production build, not for I just need a pretty decent cooler that's gonna keep 8 cores cool. I'm here mixed opinions on that.

Thank's everyone!